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Clock frequency measurement using embedded instruments

Clock frequency measurement using embedded instruments

Testonica Lab has released universal virtual embedded instrument IP capable to measure frequencies of high-speed clock signals connected to FPGA device. The developed technology offers an easy way of checking frequencies of on-board oscillators without the need of using any kind of external test and measurement equipment. The method does not involve usage of external nail probes or any other means of physical access to oscillator’s pin.

The upper range of measured frequency is limited only by performance characteristic of target FPGA and often exceeds 500MHz for modern devices. Frequency of the signal is measured with the declared accuracy of 100ppm (parts-per-million) however in many cases it is possible to increase the precision up to 1-5ppm. The developed clock frequency measurement instrument is fully automated and does not involve usage of FPGA compilers or other third-party tools. Instrumental IP supports single-ended signals as well as those differential reference clock lines that used for clocking built-in multi-gigabit transceivers in FPGAs.

Universal frequency measurement IP is available as a part of ChipVORX® suite of embedded instruments integrated into System CASCON platform of Goepel Electronic.