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Testonica Lab appoints EP-TeQ as the first Distributor for Quick Instruments

Testonica Lab appoints EP-TeQ as the first Distributor for Quick Instruments

Testonica Lab has just signed a contract with EP-TeQ for the sales and distribution of its Quick Instruments solutions in the Nordic, Baltic and Benelux area. "Testonica has been a valued partner of ours already for several years, so it is also a pleasure for us that their Quick Instruments are now ready for distribution", says Director at EP-TeQ, Lars Kongsted-Jensen. "It is opening new doors to us that their embedded instrument IPs now can be used in a more open and flexible way".

"It is a pleasure for us to select EP-TeQ as our first distributor of our Quick Instruments and services for development of embedded test software and firmware" says Director at Testonica, Dr. Artur Jutman. "We are happy to have our first distribution channel in place and hope to have more in the near future, as many customers are facing new product technologies that could benefit from Quick Instruments in both prototyping and in manufacturing testing".

Testonica Lab is an expert in embedded instrumentation for test, diagnostics and failure resilience acting in the sectors of Information Technologies and Electronics Production. TL offers cutting-edge technologies and tools for high-speed test access as well as system test and health monitoring instrumentation. To name some examples, ChipVORX Bit-Error Rate Test instruments and numerous VarioTAP emulation models are among the latest products and technologies developed by Testonica Lab in cooperation with the German partner, GÖPEL electronic.

About EP-TeQ
EP-TeQ A/S has a unique combination of know-how, tools and machines for all electronics processes - Design, Production and Quality Assurance, enabling us to assist you throughout your investment process: Before - by working with you on the requirement specification and configuration. During - by helping you select the required tools/machines and training. After - by providing you with service and support in order to ensure optimum quality and reliability of your production.

More about Testonica Lab
Testonica Lab is based in Tallinn, Estonia. It has inherited strong relations in the academic world due to founding in 2005 as spin-off from Tallinn University of Technology. Testonica’s R&D team is a compound of experienced engineers, fresh PhDs and PhD students. Due to a strong research-oriented curious mindset, the TL’s R&D team has become a world-wide pioneer and leader in developing automated synthetic and virtual embedded instrumentation, which is used by leaders in consumer electronics, telecom, automotive, military, aerospace, industrial electronics and entertainment segments.