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goJTAG Software

A free tool for studying Boundary Scan standardBoundary Scan Educational Environment

goJTAG Software allows user to study boundary scan techniques, carry out own experiments, perform diagnosis etc. The environment comes with built-in example project while user is capable to create own description of boards, chips, cluster logic and so on.

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Free public library of BSDL models for many devicesBSDL models library is a free public collection of Boundary Scan Description Language (BSDL) files for many different devices. Boundary Scan (JTAG) tools typically use BSDL descriptions to perform BS testing of PCBs or enable JTAG-based access to built-in chip DFT structures. The content of this site is constantly updated by the automated BSDL web-search system, new BSDL can be also uploaded by site's users. Currently the library contains more than 7000 different BSDL files.

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An integrated measurement environment for physical defect study in CMOS circuitsDefSim Educational Environment

DefSim is an integrated circuit (IC) and a measurement environment for experimental study of CMOS defects. The central element of the DefSim environment is an educational IC with a large variety of shorts and opens physically inserted into a set of simple digital circuits. The IC is attached to a dedicated measurement box serving as an interface to the computer. The box supports two measurement modes - voltage and IDDQ testing

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